The References

CMC personnel have experience in all the areas of mining – from exploration to construction, opencut and many types of underground mining through to Process Design (EPCM, PFS, BFS) and Project Fundraising.

Just some of their key experiences are listed below:

Country Mining Type Project
Australia Various Gold, iron ore, coal, phosphate, tin, tungsten, manganese
Congo Exploration Gold, iron ore, zinc, Banro Mining. Drilling for evidence on feasibility study for mining border and depth as well grade for fund raising
Ethopia Solution mining Potash solution mine exploration and trial in a first ever double gallary method, for Ethiopotash in Addis Ababa
Ghana Mining Underground Gold, iron ore, zinc, lead, copper. Anglo Gold Ashantii based in Perth, expansion worth 350million usd
Indonesia Underground Mining Gold, copper, zinc, lead, expansion from 650ktpmth to 950 ktpmth, Freeport
Kenya Surface Exploration Gold and minerals, grade control, feasibility studies for financial investors
Mexico Gold and Diamonds Built 2 reverse circulation drill rigs for our client
Pakistan Exploration and Production Drilling Establishing depth and grade of gold as well perimeters of pit. establishing water treatment plant design for company called Reco Dig.
Rawanda Gold and Iron ore Tefton Copper Company
Tanzania Gold and Minerals Drilling and mining for Anglo Gold St Africa.
Africa Various Open Cut & Crushing Working RSA, Zimbabwe, Mali and namibia. Open Pit Designing and Estimation. Crushing Design and Construction. Gold and Platinum.
Mongolia Multiple Gold, Copper, Coal. Major Designs and Construction. Bank Director providing funding advice and production/revenue advice.
Managing major feasibility studies into construction and commissioning.
Kazakhstan PFS, BFS, EPCM Major fundraising for significant copper projects.
Russia Construction, Mining,Processing Molybdenum and Gold. Managed major upgrade and into Capital Purchases. Engineering Design.